Virtualisation – Green And Lean?

Below is a Recent Interview i did for digital Ireland.

What exactly are the green benefits of virtualisation?

Virtualisation dramtically reduces the power consumption of your traditional physical server deployment, as because it allows you to fully utilize all aspects of the server it means a reduction in the volume of servers you need to deploy in order to run your application or website. Virtual servers whilst giving you the exact same functionality consumes less than 5% the power of a physical server
1Kw /Per hour meaning you can run 20 virtual servers off the same power as 1 physical server, reducing your power consumation massively and of course saving on costs.

Are they are cut and dry as ‘virtual servers use less power?

Put simply “yes” , in days gone by you would need to deploy a server for your mail , one of your internal systems , one for your website. Now by utlizing the power of virtualisation you can run all these services of a single machine, meaning less engery used and less expense to companies due to the reduced hardware needed.
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Ubuntu 10.04LTS Template Now Live

Were Happy to announce we have now released Ubuntu 10.04LTS as a template for all dediserve customers, you can move to this Operating system via a re-install through your control panel.

Warning – this will wipe all settings /content currently on your server , so take a back-up through your dediserve control panel if you wish to do a clean install ,otherwise upgrade to 10.04 via your command line – see previous blog posts for steps to do this.

To celebrate the release of Ubuntu 10.04 on our systems , were providing a 50% discount on your first months invoice , simply use the coupon code – ubuntu10