Dediserve IPhone App Now Live

The Dediserve / OnApp iPhone app is available for free for all customers, and can be used to manage your cloud server, or indeed your entire cloud datacentre.

To get started – grab the app from the AppStore –

Once installed on your device, run the application and enter your credentials:

If you are not sure of your username / password for your cloud machine or Cloud Datacentre, drop a line to

Once you click Go, the system with Authenticate and Download your machine data:

You will then get the default Dashboard with your machine overview, current allocation utiisation and recent activity log.

Ever Wondered What All That Cloud Jargon Meant?

What is Cloud Computing?
Is best described as Spreading your infrastructure needs and requirements across traditional technologies and hardware using virtualisation technologies to provide a higher level of redundancy and availability than was previously achievable at a vastly reduced price.

What is Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)?
Companies no longer rely on hardware vendors for their hardware needs. By outsourcing to a IaaS provider they can easily scale up and down their hardware requirements, without incurring the expense of buying or managing their own hardware.

What is Cloud Storage?
Is the term used when you store your companies data or personal data across the internet onto a cloud infrastructure. As your data is stored across multiple SAN storage devices and not in a single physical location this is referred to as cloud storage.

What are Application Stacks?
Application stacks are a pre-bundled selection of software which allow users to quickly deploy or configure a server by installing all the necessary software or operating system via a one-click install.

What is SAN Storage?
Storage Area Network devices are the large highly redundant and highly reliable servers that sit at the back end of all cloud computing infrastructures and provide the large amount of storage space needed in a typical cloud computing set up

What is a Node?
Used when referring to a physical server within a cloud infrastructure. A node does not contain any customer data and is only utilised for its CPU and RAM

What is Self healing architecture ?
When a node or SAN storage array fails there are additional nodes and SANs which quickly and automatically take the load ensuring continued, uninterrupted service.

What is Failover?
It means that when a node or server fails there is another one in place to immediately take the load and continue serving your webpages or application without interruption.

What is Multi-homed?
Is a process used to increase the reliability and redundancy of the network connection to the hardware, as it removes any single point of failure by bringing multiple internet connections into the platform.

What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?
This is where companies are using software that is not installed on their actual PC , but rather connecting over the internet to access the likes of google docs, email, company intranets and communication tools such as VOIP and messenger services, these are hosted by third partner providers and companies pay for access to the online tools as they need them.

What is Virtualization?
Is taken traditional hardware technology and better utilizing it to get maximum use of it and reduce the costs of deploying additional servers/ this is done by software providing a complete simulation of the underlying hardware, and allowing you to deploy multiple virtual server on a single physical hardware server

What is Os Virtualization?
Is where the virtualization technology sits on the operating system level of the server and allows for multiple isolated user-space instances.The restriction on this type of virtualization is that the multiple virtual machines all have to run on the same operating machine as the overall physical machine.

What is Para-Virtualization?
Allows the virtualization software to sit on the actual hardware level of the server , giving a far greater level of control to each of the virtual machine , users can modify their virtual servers down to a kernel level and install whatever operating system they like, this is what dediserve uses.

What is Virtual KVM Acces?
Is the level of access you receive to your para virtualized virtual server, allowing for you to perform functions such as hard reboots as well as complete power downs

Are we missing anything? Anything you would like to know, feel free to ask and we will add it to the list.

Store Your Offsite Back-Ups In Dediserve’s Cloud

Brand new and just deployed – R1soft and Ahsay backup server templates!!

If you are running servers in the office, in a datacentre, or anywhere, backups are always a concern. With these two new templates, you can get a backup server up and running quick and easy (and offsite) and start backing up those important files in minutes!

The two templates are the world leading R1Soft and Ahsay back-up engines. You can now have your R1Soft or Ahsay server up and running in minutes ensuring real time back-ups of your existing server set-up, all stored on dediserve’s highly redundant cloud platform, with all data kept in Ireland in accordance with the data protection act.

About R1Soft

Over 200,000 Windows and Linux servers in the world’s largest data centers are protected by R1Soft for server backups. Manage Windows and Linux server backups from one interface and one backup repository.

* High-performance disk-based backups
* Amazingly short backup Windows for Windows and Linux servers
* Centralized Web-based administration
* Affordable and easy to use – Leave no servers unprotected
* Industrial strength storage
* Improve recovery point objectives with CDP
* Cross-platform – Windows and Linux

About Ahsay

Ahsay™ Backup Software equips with a full range of enterprise-class features for backing up data stored in database servers, email servers, file servers, desktops and notebooks. Over 1,500,000 worldwide customers are using Ahsay™ in protecting their mission critical data

* Secure Data Protection
* Fast Back-Up Speed
* Comprehensive Backup Report
* Affordable and easy to use – Leave no servers unprotected
* Continuous Data Protection for selected files / folder
* Automatic restart missed backup job
* Cross-platform – Windows and Linux

Dediserve Cloud DNS Manager Launched

Over the christmas period we rolled out, as part of our new control panel, our cloud based DNS platform , which is now available free to anyone with a dediserve account – sign up here for free – – –

Key features include:

Geographically redundant Cloud DNS – the servers are in Dublin, London and Atlanta Georgia, USA for the fastest, most reliable DNS offering possible.

FREE – no charges for zones – put as many domains on our cloud DNS as you need

Complete control – add, edit and control as many zone types as you need

Easy – just add the domain, paste in the IP of your cloud machine, and the system sets everything up for you

New Control Panel and Features Launched

Happy New Year from all the team at Dediserve!

Here at Dediserve HQ we’ve been very busy working over the holidays on new functionality, features and service improvements and we wanted to share some of the changes with you.


First of all, you might have noticed we have improved, streamlined and better integrated the billing portal. The login directly is:

Login with your email address, if you’ve any trouble getting in, you can reset your password quickly and easily at this link:


Here’s just a shortlist of some of the new features in this release:
- Manage all your cloud machines in one place under this single login
- Upgrade, downgrade and adjust resources entirely on the fly, 24/7 without ‘human’ intervention
- Comprehensive API documents now online with PHP Wrappers
- Review Network usage, CPU usage, access the Console, all from here
- Explore the new, and growing Knowledgebase and Download areas –
- Become an affilliate and earn 25% of any referrall ! (more on this soon)
- Access the new DNS Manager!


The new DNS manager is now online for your use – key features include:

- Geographically redundant Cloud DNS – the servers are in Dublin, London and Atlanta Georgia, USA for the fastest, most reliable DNS offering possible.
- FREE – no charges for zones – put as many domains on our cloud DNS as you need
- Complete control – add, edit and control as many zone types as you need
- Easy – just add the domain, paste in the IP of your cloud machine, and the system sets everything up for you

In addition to the feature enhancements, we’ve been working to improve the network, adding lots more physical servers and storage to the Dublin cloud, and are busy planning deployment of our cloud in London, and shortly thereafter one in the US, followed by a second Dublin location.

We hugely value your business and feedback, and would love to here any reaction, thoughts or feature requests! Our developers never sleep!

We’d also like to remind you that LiveChat and Email support have been available 24/7/365 since October, including every day of the holidays – we’re here to help!