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Since 2009, dediserve has led the way in cloud with scalable, flexible, cost effective services with total stability and reliability

Dediserve was founded in the beginning of 2009 by a team with many decades of experience in mission critical managed hosting services and datacentre operations at market leading levels.

With a unique focus on building enterprise cloud platforms that are designed to deliver 100% uptime -before- cloud technology is applied, we deliver incredibly stable, reliable services, for clients that prioritise uptime and stability with amazing support.

Now with a growing number of cloud locations around the globe and thousands of clients, dediserve is the cloud of choice for the discerning client.


As a privately held, entirely Irish owned company, dediserve is not subject to the Patriot acts or other US or UK based privacy legislation.

We provide services that are registered with the Irish Data Protection Commission in compliance with EU Directive 95/46.


The heart of our offering; our comprehensive, powerful but easy to use control panels and apps allow us to offer all this at amazing prices.

You are in full control at all times and we are here to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Quick Facts

  • Founded 2009, Offices in Dublin, Ireland; Belfast, UK; Palo Alto, CA, United States of America
  • Focus solely on cloud based Infrastructure as a service (IAAS) means we have no other distractions and can innovate relentlessly.
  • Support is key to well managed infrastructure. Available 24/7 and fully comprehensive without charge - most of our competition would define our support level as ‘fully managed’.
  • Investment in the best possible physical infrastructure and support teams to deliver what you need - performant, reliable servers and storage in the cloud at budget prices!
  • Partnerships allow us to offer a wide range of value-add, such as discounted licenses for Windows, Idera, Plesk, cPanel and much more.

Our Platforms

  • Built on a massively redundant architecture with no single point of failure, multiple clustered hardware and high end blade servers, we have leveraged our know-how in delivering a platform designed to scale and grow while maintaining industry leading uptime.
  • HP Blade servers and SSD storage guarantee performance and reliability and allow a true high performance, enterprise architecture without compromise.
  • A fully redundant Cisco and HP 10 gigabit network links all nodes providing blisteringly fast network throughput, storage access and internet access.
  • SEVENTEEN world class data centres house our infrastructure, ensuring local data storage and compliance, as well as excellent access from Europe, the USA and Asia Pacific.

what customers are saying...

  • NHS
    John Kitson
    , IT Manager - NHS
    The cloud-based VPS allows us to apportion just the right amount of resource required. If needed, we can create multiple server instances for more complex abstracted services. We were even able to get an additional VDC on a separate physical cloud for backup purposes. After using Plesk for years, the cPanel software is so much better. Plesk never filled me with much confidence. The price is more than reasonable and as mentioned - the support guys are amazing, I think they must have a competition for who can resolve support tickets the quickest!
  • NHS
    Angelo Paglialonga
    , Owner - angelopaglialonga.com
    I love Dediserve for its reliability, delivered successfully month after month and its really helpful customer support. The most import thing Dediserve gave me, is not simply the best and speedy cloud service, but serenity because I know my clients’ CRM systems,their data, and my cloud servers are safe, backed up and always online!
  • Lifescience Recruitment
    Eamonn O’Raghallaigh
    , Managing Director - Lifescience Recruitment
    We recently moved our complete hosting infrastructure to the Dediserve cloud and it has been one of the best decisions we have made in a long time. The level of customer support, technical advice and efficiency of service is outstanding. We only expect of relationship with Dediserve to grow and we envisage being a happy Dediserve customer for a long time to come. I have no hesitation in recommending Dediserve to any potential client - whether you are a SME or a large corporate customer, Dediserve can customise their packages to suit you. A+++ service, well done and thanks.
  • iclothing.ie
    Abbas Bari
    , Managing Director - iclothing.ie
    During our advertising campaigns and segments on TV, dealing with massive traffic spikes used to be a nightmare. With Dediserve’s cloud management platform and scaling techniques our life is made much easier. The team at Dediserve have also provided us with a first class support service ensuring any issues are dealt with quickly and effectively.
  • rmweb.co.uk
    Andy York
    , Editor - RMweb.co.uk
    We were faced with difficult choices for our next steps in hosting an extremely large and busy community website with high traffic volumes but Dediserve staff were not only able to give the right assurances and technical information at the initial discussion stage but maintained excellent communications through the process and delivered a set-up and migration which met high expectations. The support service levels are far faster, friendlier and more effective than anything I have previously experienced on the rare occasions necessary. Performance, stability and reliability have exceeded expectations and meets the needs of 90,000+ unique visitors per month who spend an average of 15+ minutes on the media-rich site. I am genuinely delighted and it’s evident quality matters to everyone in Dediserve.
  • Gaelforceenergy
    Dr. Michael Sheehy
    , Managing Director - GaelForce Energy
    Gael Force’s software systems handle projects that turn over millions of euros a year and we needed our system on a robust and reliable platform with flexible scaling options. We carried out a comprehensive review of cloud servers within the EU, to deliver transparent services, reliable support and robust availability. Dediserve came out on top and have have not raised any doubts since. We have always known exactly what we are getting before and after we signed up. Their support has never let us down, and ensured all our issues are resolved any time of day or night. Finally, the great availability/performance has given us the time to concentrate on what we do best.
  • Mandloys
    Mark Gavalda
    , CEO - MandLoys Digital Agency
    Having worked with over a dozen hosting companies in the last 2 years I can honestly say that finding a reliable partner in this industry is extremely hard. Since we switched to Dediserve – after a partner of ours vouched for them – we haven’t looked back! Now that our website is in good hands we can finally focus on growing our business!
  • Sheldon Technology
    Derek Sheldon
    , Founding Partner - Sheldon Technology & Design
    When I think of customer service I think of the days long ago where the customer was the most important focus of the company. Times have changed this except with a company and a family we joined a year ago – Dediserve. We have utilized cloud hosting providers in the past and other legacy servers, when we switched to Dediserve we knew we reached the pinnacle of cloud platform providers with them. As a U.S national media firm we have high demands for a consistent level of top tier media delivery, without question from our national level clients. Dediserve has allowed our company shine – in turn allowing us to deliver on these expectations due to their exceptional business model to place their clients FIRST priority.
  • Demotix
    Alex McFayden
    , CTO - Demotix
    Demotix moved to Dediserve after having provisioning problems with a ‘traditional’ host. Dediserve has been able to deal with spikes, offer us flexible multi data center solutions that have kept us online and panic free since we moved to them. We chose Dediserve after a lot of research and have even given presentations about how we ended up picking them cloud servers, files, cdns and fun. Dediserve continue to impress us with rolling improvements to thier architecture and a can do attitude to support. We recommend them to everyone.
  • Dublin City University
    Steve Gotz
    , Project Manager - Dublin City University
    Dediserve absolutely rocks! We have been using them for going on two years and have always been impressed. Whether it is a sub-2 minute response time to newly submitted tickets or the willingness to roll-up their sleeves and dive into managed service issues, they always go above and beyond to help customers. Thanks!
  • Accubook
    Joe Byrne
    , Product Manager - Accubook
    Since moving to dediserve AccuBook have been able to scale servers as needed across multiple countries with ease and with full control of resources and firewall. Future growth is no longer an issue as we will never have to move suppliers again.
  • Utilis
    Derek Buchanan
    , Managing Director - Utilis Technology
    Over the last twelve months we’ve moved some of our services from Amazon AWS to Dediserve with great success. We now have rapid response from technical support when needed, something that isn’t available in the Amazon offering, or at least, not available without spending a lot of extra cash. The guys in Dediserve know what they are talking about and we can talk to them on the same technical level, which is refreshing. We have recently moved some of our client’s critical business applications’s to the Dediserve cloud which was a straight forward process with no messing , especially with regard to licensing which was an issue in the Amazon AWS cloud. The rate at which Dediserve are adding features and cutting-edge technology is also something we like and make use of. Keep up the good work
  • emagine.ie
    Aaron Jay
    , Managing Director - Emagine
    The most important aspect for us in referring Dediserve to our customers is the support. The Dediserve team seem to be always on at hand when things need looking at and they work beyond what is required and asked for, which is appreciated by us and our clients. We would recommend their cloud servers to anyone and will do so for future projects.
  • NHS
    William Searle
    , Lead Web Developer - NHS, UK
    I’d like to thank everyone at Dediserve for their continued support and hard work. We have been with Dediserve for nearly a year now and have had amazing service and uptime. Dediserve helped migrate our original setup after a series of problems with our old provider. Since then we have tweaked and enhanced our servers through the user-friendly control panel to meet our specific requirements. Servers can be quickly created and configured which is great for projects and developments. We look forward to working with Dediserve in the future.
  • url.ie
    Cathal Garvey
    , Managing Director - url.ie
    URL.ie, Ireland’s leading URL shortening service, chose Dediserve after trialling 6 other options, including the major players in the US & UK. We switched to Dediserve partly because of their excellent value, but mainly because of their unparalleled support. Dediserve’s response times and resolution times are always measured in the minutes. Something we did not experience with other providers who claimed to have excellent support services. URL.ie enjoys excellent value, fast I/O speeds, and industry-best support services.
  • Sonn Touter Analysis
    Steven Noble
    , Founder - SONN
    SONN LLC has been a customer of DediServe for over a year now, giving us time to evaluate the value of DediServe’s service against other providers.I personally have hosted machines at companies such as Exodus, Global Center, Hurricane Electric, Equinix and other high-end networks over the past 20 or so years. I admit to having very high expectations.Our first interaction with DediServe was to evaluate the OnApp CDN.Once we located DediServe as a reseller, the time it took to set up an account and turn on the service was less than 30 minutes, exceeding our expectations.A few weeks after turning up the CDN, we returned to DediServe with another request; could they provide the same scale of servers that we were utilizing on AWS for a better price DediServe was able to reduce our bill from $3500 a month running on-demand with AWS to $600 a month for a dedicated version of the same hardware running 24×7.
  • Jolara Web Design
    Joseph Spurling
    , Owner - Jolara Web Design
    Cloud hosting with Dediserve has proven to be the wisest investment we have made for our business in years. The high level of support constantly exceeds our expectations and that along with the reliability and power of the services provided mean Dediserve offers truly exceptional value for money. We wholeheartedly recommend Dediserve to anybody that wants reliable & high quality hosting with proper 24/7 support.

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