API & Apps

iOS Apps for iPhone & iPad

Native iPhone and iPad Apps
allow comprehensive control of your
cloud on the go! Click the link below to open iTunes!

download the dediserve IOS app

Android app

View cloud resources, monitor CPU and bandwidth use, see backups and handle basic VM management functions on your android device

download the dediserve android app

Comprehensive, simple API

A simple to use, RESTful API
XML and JSON Formats
Total control over all your cloud servers
Pre-built modules for Hostbill,WHMCS

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GUI. API. Apps - your cloud, your choice

The dediserve cloud is designed to be open, accessible and easily controlled. With a comprehensive API and prebuilt Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and modules for popular billing systems like Hostbill, you can run your cloud your way.

The dediserve platforms include a comprehensive API, allowing custom and bespoke integrations with a range of billing and provisioning platforms, tools and devOps kits.

Our platforms let you custom build your own bespoke templates to offer your clients. Useful for standardised options, such as ensuring all of your deployments are identical, as a gold master for server cloning, replication and deployment or as a way to SAAS deliver your own application or service.

Integration is simplified with a range of pre-coded PHP extensions, Ruby Gems and more. Talk to us today about how we can help you move your software to the cloud!

  • The API is RESTful
  • Function calls respond to XML and JSON exchange formats
  • Full authorisation and authentication
  • All functionality supported
  • Simple install and integration

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