high availability loadbalancers

Fully managed, highly available Load Balancer clusters
Layer 7, SSL termination and a range of enterprise features in a turn-key package.

Fully managed and scalable

loadbalancers are deployed and
managed for you by dediserve
and can scale seamlessly as you do

Dynamic health Monitoring

active, passive and dynamic health checks verify your servers are running to always direct your users to healthy servers

Balance any Application

loadbalancers can balance any TCP based traffic - HTTP/S, MySQL, SSH, Email, FTP in fact any service you wish to run

achieve 100% availability for your cloud applications and services

Key Features
  • SSL termination - offload SSL to your loadbalancer
  • Private Gigabit LAN - connects your loadbalancers to your servers (and your servers to each other)
  • Session Persistence - balancers maintain sessions by sending visitors always to the same server
  • Any-Port Balancing - if you can run a service, we can balance it
  • Floating IP4 and IP6 Addresses - your loadbalancers get IP4 and IP6 addresses, so your servers can use private IPs if you prefer
  • Wide range of balancing methods - Round robin, least load, RDP cookies or cookie insertion
  • Zero Downtime - Scale and work on servers, and scale your loadbalancers to handle more traffic (or less) without any downtime
  • Real-time statistics interface - to see what's happening, as it happens

Pricing starts at just € 20 / £ 15 / $ 22
per month for a full

High Availability LoadBalancer Cluster

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